Dr Carla Winter

Dr. Carla Winter holds a Masters- and Doctorate degree in (Social work) Play Therapy. She attained her doctorate degree in September 2003 from the University of Pretoria. Throughout her studies and work life Dr. Winter has followed various courses such as trauma counselling.

Dr. Winter has experience in working with juvenile delinquents and traumatised children. She also worked at the University of Pretoria from January 1999 until December 2003 as a tutor, research assistant and technical assistant. S has also gained much experience in supervising play therapy students as well as in part-time lecturing. Throughout her time at the University, she was involved in counselling children and adults in part time private practice. She gained futher valuable experience in play therapy with traumatised children while working at the Inner City Trauma Therapy Centre (METT Centre) from November 2000 until April 2002 and again from January 2004 until December 2004.

 Her research for her doctorate degree was conducted with single-parent children from inner city schools in a group-work context. From January 2005 until December 2011, Dr. Winter worked as a play therapist at the Child Trauma Clinic in Garsfontein, Pretoria. The practice dealt with children who were traumatised as a result of hi-jacking; divorce; hospitalisation; death in the family; molestation; scholastic problems and more. During this time she attended training courses on to Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar depression(during which she was also a presenter), ADD/ADHD, Bullying and many more.

In January 2012 she started her own private practice with her colleague, Merle Woudstra, in Lyttleton, Centurion. We work with children from 2-18 years and specialise in play therapy for divorce, post traumatic stress symptoms, ADHD, self-image strengthening, anxiety, depression, bipolar depression and social and emotional skills especially in children with ADD/ADHD and gifted children.

Specialist: Play Therapy

Cell    : 0826385202

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Web  : www.childtherapycenturion.co.za


Play is the natural language of children. Play therapy provides a way for children, from the age 3 to 18, to express their emotions, experiences and feelings through a natural, guided process.

We use play to communicate with children and resolve psychosocial challenges by using a variety of techniques and play media such as doll´s houses, play dough, books, therapeutic board games, sandtrays, art and writing.

The objects and patterns of play can be used to understand the underlying rationale for children behaviour. According to the psychodynamic view, people (especially children) engage in play therapy in order to work through their interior difficulties and anxieties.


Children who …

  • are dealing with parental conflict, separation or divorce
  • are dealing with issues of loss, such as illness or death of a loved one
  • are traumatized as a result of sexual, physical or emotional abuse
  • have mood disorders such as major or bipolar depression and anxiety
  • are bullying other children, or children who are being bullied
  • are expose to crime
  • are gifted
  • are adopted or in foster care
  • have problems related to attachment
  • in hospital for an extended period of time
  • have experienced serious accidents
  • have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD


Please Note : We do not provide any written report, but only do verbal feedbacks. We can refer you to the relevant professionals if you require a written report.

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