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Counselling Psychologist

Counselling Psychologist Bertus Swanepoel

I am a Counselling Psychologist in private practice in Centurion, registered with the Health Professions Council of South-Africa. I assist individuals and families with life challenges by means of personal facilitation and/or group sessions. My aim is to create an environment where people find purpose in their lives and quality in their relationships.

How I work
“Life is full and rich and complex …., not abstract and neat like a theory. The things that happen to us – the great joys, the intense sorrows, the surging passions – are too much like drama to be accounted for by anything less than drama.” Kilpatrick People may sometimes feel entangled with life because they have a specific “lens” through which they look at and understand their circumstances. In facilitated conversations clients may hear themselves speak where they come to acknowledge their ways of understanding which could be altered or enhanced in order to heal, grow and flourish.

I believe that through these facilitated sessions clients may realise what needs to change and how this change may be implemented. This change does however not only involve clients themselves, but may also involve the people they spend time with and the environments they find themselves in.

I know from experience that certain Christian clients would prefer to see only a Christian psychologist and as I am a Christian, I would gladly assist them.

My experience
I have been working with teenagers and adults in my private practice and have been working in a wide variety of contexts such as sport codes, high Schools, universities, rehabilitation centres, clinics and corporate institutions.

Online Therapy

I offer Live Online Therapy Sessions. You can follow this link to my online therapy platform:

I facilitate individual processes and groups regarding a wide variety of issues such as:
• Personal growth
• Family relationships
• Trauma
• Bereavement
• Relationship challenges (personal and work)
• Generally “feeling stuck”
• Career guidance, including educational decisions such as subject choices
• Mental performance, e.g. in sport participation

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