Emile Wilmans

Counselling Psychologist

HPCSA #:      PS 0035734

Practice #:  (PR) 8623783


Focus areas of counselling psychological services:

  1. Executive Coaching, Executive Burnout and/or Executive Counselling
  2. Work Stress, Organisation Development, Assessment Centres and/or Work Teams Wellness
  3. ADHD, OCD, ODD, Epilepsy and/or Learning Barriers –from Childhood to Adults
  4. Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Vicarious Traumatisation, Conflict and/or Anger Management
  5. Career Choice Counselling and Career Development Planningfrom Teenagers to Adults
  6. Relationship Counselling, Pre-/ Marital Counselling and/or Divorce Counselling
  7. Psychological Wellness, Life Coaching, Stress, Burnout and/or Chronic Fatigue.


Age groups:

Teenagers and adults.



ADD/ADHD, ODD and Learning Barriers. I work with people from Childhood to Adulthood.

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