Sindy Bartlett

I am an Industrial Psychologist specialising in effective talent management and the enhancement of individual and group functioning within organisations. I follow a scientist-practitioner model, to ensure that all techniques and tools used are grounded in sound psychological research. I support organizations in sculpting and designing an optimum workforce. At the same time, I remain mindful of the uniqueness of each individual I work with. Finding the correct person-job fit results in a high quality workforce and can save the organisation on a host of unnecessary costs such as recruitment, training, replacement and poor productivity. I believe that work delivered needs to be of the highest quality and in direct response to our clients need.

Services include:

– Career counselling and guidance for adults

– Psychometric Assessment as part of recruitment, selection and development

– Training and Development (Individual, Team and Leadership)

– Organisational Development including organisational diagnosis, change management and design

My contact details:

Sindy Bartlett

082 589 1460

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