Marital Therapy Pretoria

Affordable Marital Therapy Options in Pretoria

If you are looking for affordable and effective marital therapy in Pretoria then Kobus Coetzee is just the psychologist to approach. Both experienced and qualified, he is able to provide you with the tools and skills required to get your marriage back on track. All relationships suffer hard ships and if you are prepared to put in the effort, then marital therapy will be able to help.

Marital therapy in Pretoria offered by Kobus Coetzee is aimed at helping couples to have a better understanding of each other, individual needs and feelings. The idea is to take a close look at the relationship and to use a variety of techniques to solve problems. Of course clear and open communication will be worked on so that issues can be addressed and solved constructively. The main focuses of this therapy are to assist couples to build on mutual respect and to learn to express their needs and desires more effectively to one another. Collaborative growth and discovering a shared vision is something that Kobus works on with his clients. Identifying conflict issues and working on the necessary changes required in your relationship is something you can expect to do once completing a couple’s therapy course.

There is no strict time period on couple’s therapy. Some couples may start out with just a few sessions while others may have as many as 12 sessions with follow up sessions to assist with any issues that may have occurred in the interim. Making sure that you keep the channels of communication open with your partner and put to good use the things you learn, is essential if you want your partnership or marriage to prosper and grow.

Marriage therapy in Pretoria is readily available and at a price you can afford. Take the time to contact Kobus Coetzee and chat to him about your options. He will ensure that you are provided with a solution to all your relationship hardships and concerns.

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